First Lego League "Trash Trek"

We've been fortunate this year in being asked to help several Lego League teams with the Trash Trek Challenge. The teams have been enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated to helping reduce trash going into landfills.

Northwest Middle School received a first place trophy in the East Tennessee finals in the "Project Research" category for their work in reducing the amount of foam trays going to the dumpster.

Jefferson Middle School took on the mealworm's ability to consume foam and turn it in to energy and bio waste. They found that the worms preferred densified foam to the non densified plate.

SNA North Carolina Annual Expo

North Carolina school nutrition association members visit the Styromelt booth at SNA North Carolina 2015

Great show to exhibit our solution to EPS waste! Joe Minder and Joe Meads of Styromelt shared space with our eastern North Carolina distributor Bill Wooten of Can-Do Recycling. 

Joe Minder and Direxa Lee manning the booth. See those little blocks on the table, 200 lunch trays in each! The equivalent of 5 trash bags.

SNA Ohio Annual Expo

We were excited to attend the School Nutrition Association trade show with our partner StyroGreen Solutions. Larry and Ron did a great job and created a lot of buzz at the show on keeping EPS out of landfills!

SNA Ohio StyroGreen Solutions trade exhibit.

25 trash bags with 800 lunch trays on display!

StyroPower featured in RAMP News