The implementation of much green technology depends upon users being motivated by non-economic factors. This is not the case with StyroPower’s products. A StyroPower PSD 2000 allows foam dependent operations to reduce trash dumpster rental fees and service charges (up to $600/month in some locales), avoid landfill tipping fees and mitigate solid waste transportation cost. Saving money and improving the environment, the perfect combination.



By implementing the StyroPower System, your school/district will generate significant environmental, educational, PR, and financial benefits.


By engaging students in the recycling process, young adults learn and actively participate in the benefits of recycling.


StyroPower's products are perfect for educational institutions, restaurants, kitchens, healthcare facilities, or  anywhere food or beverages are served in EPS containers. If you are a big box retailer with EPS packaged floor displays, talk to us today to learn how to reduce your waste handling cost.


We would love to find out more about your organization and its needs. Contact us today and start reducing landfill waste!


We love what we do

At StyroPower our mission is to eliminate Expanded Polystyrene from our nation's landfills one lunch tray at a time.